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Texas School Ready

Kids R Kids Space Center Preschool is a participant in the "Texas School Ready" program.

What is Texas School Ready!™?

Texas School Ready!™ is a program that certifies preschool education classrooms that effectively prepared their students for kindergarten.

Texas School Ready!™ is based on the actual linking between:

  • the quality instructional practices that must be in place in a preschool program to get children ready for kindergarten AND
  • the children actually achieving scores showing they were on track in the areas of reading and social skills when they went to kindergarten.



Why is Texas School Ready!™ certification important?

The Texas State Center for Early Childhood Development, housed in the Children's Learning Institute at the University of Texas-Houston, has very in-depth experience in conducting early education research. Our research and the research in the field at large shows clearly that if children do not experience a high quality preschool program that focuses on getting them ready for school, they will often have trouble when they go to kindergarten.

The Texas School Readiness Certification System can be used to:

  • Prepare more children for school readiness
  • Focus on proven and demonstrated outcomes and
  • Provide parents with tools to make informed decisions.
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