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Will be sad to leave
After visiting every daycare in the Clear Lake area and leaving crying out of some, I knew as soon as I walked in the doors that KRK Space Center was the place for us. My son has a December birthday, so we have been with KRK from 7 weeks old to 5 1/2 years. From day one, we have felt welcomed by all the staff and every one there is willing to help. As with all daycares, the turnover rate at times has been high. Fortunately though, over more than half of the core staff and teachers have been there the entire 5 1/2 years, so the kids were never affected by the changes. My son finished the Pre-K5 program and will be going into Kindergarten next fall reading at a first grade level, reading and writing numbers 1 to 100, and completing math problems. Not only is he extremely smart, he has a genuine love for education, and can present himself in front of a crowd. As a working, first-time Mom, KRK was a lifesaver because they assisted in potty training, teaching table manners, and every transitional stage. The daily reports and emails, along with the in classroom cameras were wonderful and reassured he was getting the best care and I never felt like I missed out on any of his "firsts". KRK is a TOP NOTCH learning facility. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The Runnels
Connie Runnels
I wish she could stay in this school forever!
This school is defenitly one of the best. The teachers are awesome, they love the kids. The activites are great. They have a splash pad in the back for the hot summer days. They have wheelie days where the kids can bring their bikes. You can watch online, anytime. My daughter has learned so much from them. She knows her alphabet (of course). Numbers 1-30. Numbers in tens (10-100), colors in spanish. She can even spell her colors! She knows hundreds of songs. She knows about animals and insects. Seasons, holidays, she even knows the entire Pledge of Allegiance! She has been going since she was 1 1/2 and she is now about to be 4. I am not looking forward to my daughter having to say goodbye and go to kindergarten next year. I wish she could stay in this school forever!
Jackie V
Wonderfully Nurturing
I can't say enough good things about KRK space center. I was a stay at home mom previously and taking my two daughters to school was hard! I think I toured 20 schools ranging from private to Montessori and everything in between. Everyone, not just the teachers, know my kids. They know their personalities and have brought out the best in them. The facility is clean and organized. Any issue with my kids or even staff issue is handled quickly and efficiently. I want to specifically commend the Ducks room, Miss S., Miss Vivi and Miss Caterina. It brings tears to my eyes how WONDERFUL they are with my youngest. She's painfully shy and I can see them on the webcam being so nurturing with her and she is laughing and hugging and initiating interactions. It's amazing. I wish the 3 of them could be her teachers forever. She's almost 2 and they've set a very high bar for what I expect of her future teachers. Thanks KRK..... You're wonderful!
Such Patience and Care
Teachers are very nice and extremely hands on with teaching the kids new things. My daughter comes home every day amazing me with all of the new things she is learning. We all know how impatient our LO's are at times and I applaud the teachers here at Kids R Kids for having such PATIENCE and CARE for the children. Management is very welcoming to you and your children every morning. I'm very pleased with my experience here at kids r kids and would recommend it to every parent!
Ashley C
Fantastic Environment!
My children are happy to be here, fantastic environment for my babies!!!
Vanessa G
We LOVE it!
My son has been with KRK since 6 wks old. We LOVE it! All the staff and teachers are wonderful. He has learned so much from them already and can't wait to see what's to come!
Connie CR
So Impressed!
I couldn't imagine my daughter growing up anywhere else ! I am so impressed and love how amazing the staff is.
Misty M
So Happy, No Doubt!
Love KRK Space Center! Our two year old has been there since she was 3 months old, and has learned so much and been so well loved by all of her teachers. We feel so lucky to have found a school where we have no doubts that she's happy and well-cared for all day long!
Kialyn B
A Blessing to Our Family!
I have 3 children who all attend Kids R Kids. We've been other places before and I was so blown away by the front desk staff, to the amazing caring teachers who love my children as much as I do, to the extra curricular activities they offer. They have been a blessing to our family and made going back to work after the birth of my twins a bit easier. I know they are in great hands. Thank you KRK!
Stephanie RW
Thank you!!
Our daughter started here when she was almost 2 and has been there until just before she started kindergarten. We have loved it from day one. She has had the best teachers and learned so much. She was never unhappy even when they had several teacher transitions. all the staff were always very cautious to ensure all the children were getting the best care they could even when there was turmoil with teacher change over. The activities are awesome and educational. They were great at working with her individual strengths and weaknesses as I am sure they must do for every child. The only reason she isn't going there any longer is that they don't provide after and before school transport to her school. We were sad to leave and will likely be returning there with our new child coming next March. thank you so much to all the staff!!
Thank you!
Dear KRK staff: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. The excellent care you have given my "Houston" grandsons. Everyday I have enjoyed going online to "Watch Me Grow" and watch them learn, play, eat, and even nap. It has been such a pleasure for me, a grandmother who lives in far West Texas who misses her little boys so much. I will miss this so much and pray that other grandparents will be able to utilize this service. Your staff is professional, caring, well organized and very dedicated. It is obvious you have treated these children as you would your own. Good luck and God bless all of you! Forever grateful, "Belle" El Paso, Texas
Happy Infant
We are so glad that my husband and I chose this school and trusted them to take care of our infant. The teachers in the infant class are so loving and caring and the staff is nice too. Our baby loves her teachers. We are completely satisfied and looking forward to see our baby moving into the next class.
A Great Start
My daughter attended the accelerated pre kindergarten program at Kids R Kids. She is excelling in kindergarten one of the best readers in her class. counting for her is a breeze and she has had her artwork displayed at a showing at Barnes & Noble. She was also tested for the GT Program and we were just informed that she has been accepted!! If you are serious about your early education, this is the best place for them. We are extremely please and proud of our daughter and the teachers that had a hand in her per school education. Kudos to the entire center and there programs!!
S Childress
Great Place
My Husband and I love this school. Our Son loves being at school so much that he doesnt want to leave at the end of the day. His Teachers are so sweet and dont get mad that he gets upset when being dropped off. We love Kids R Kids
C Family - TX
Best Preschool we have seen.
We had two children in Kids R Kids Space Center Preschool. We loved it there, the educational program was fantastic, the food is healthy, they have the highest standards of cleanliness. They had great customer service, they were always helpful and knowledgable. Unfortunately we moved out of the area and had to switch schools. We now see that we were spoiled there and we CANNOT find anything that compares to what we had there. Thank you Ms. Ky and all the staff there, we miss you!
Amato Family - TX
Happy this school
We are so happy here this school is doing excellent job teaching our child. He did not speak english now he does and has friends. he knows so much more our friends children same age. We are so happy with his education so far that is so important to us to have best start.
Anul P. - TX
They are the best!
We have to be the pickiest parents in the world, our daughter is a miracle to us and we want the best for her so we make no bones about being the pickiest parents ever. Kids R Kids has bent over backwards to meet our needs. Another preschool asked us to leave after just a month and said we should get a private nanny but not Kids R Kids , we have to hand it to them, they have done a great job and met our demands. We`re so happy here and happy they haven`t kicked us out! LOL!
Picky Picky Parents! - TX
A Truly Educational Environment
Our daughter Alexis just started Kindergarten this school year and she has been in daycare since she was six weeks old. I looked and looked for a preschool with a truly educational focus for years with only mediocre results....until we came to Kids R Kids Space Center Preschool. My daughter learned to read short vowel words in their Pre-K 4 year old program and started Kindergarten at the head of her class. Her teacher praises the foundation she got there and says that it really set her up for success in elementary school. This preschool is truly dedicated to early childhood learning, most preschools will tell you that they teach but the children really only run around all day with no focus or direction and can they show parents what their child has actually learned through all that playing? My daughters classroom activities were all appropriate for her age, she had fun every day and loved to go to school there but she LEARNED and they could show me measurable learning taking place. I talked to the Director about why and how they are different and she says they are committed to excellence and to staying on top of the latest and best information about how children learn. They participate in a program though UT to study how to best teach Pre-K children, another program to study how infants and toddlers learn best and they pay for their teachers to get Early Childhood Development degrees. In four years of preschool experience I have never encountered a school that was so well run and so committed to a modern approach to preschool education. Well done Kids R Kids Space Center and thank you that my daughters first learning experiences were so wonderful!
Pre-Kindergarten Mom - TX
Excellent Pre-K
My daughter attended last year in the Pre-K program. She loved it. She started Kindergarten in August and was just placed in the Gifted Program. KRK has an awesome Pre-K program and am grateful for what they taught my daughter.
Pre-K Parents - TX
School-Age Care
My son is a 3rd grader and I only needed care for a month out of the summer, Kids R Kids worked with me so I only had to pay for the care we needed when other places wouldn`t and my son has had a great time. They have had field trips, an outside company come in to do field day experiences, he has been encouraged to read more over the summer and did some fun art projects. I had a hard time getting him to want to go somewhere for the summer but he has had a great time here and made friends. He loves the splash pad too. Other places that are dirty and run down charge just as much, we have been really thankful we were here!
Our Family - TX
Good Job
Our daughter has attended Kids R Kids since they opened and they potty trained her for us when we didn`t really know how to go about it. The staff all know so much about young children we feel completely at ease with her here. We have seen what the 4 year olds learn and she will be in that group too one day. Thanks to all the teachers and administrators for all their hard work you all do a good job.
M Family - TX
Infant Care
We looked at so many schools that did not have the standards that Kids R Kids Space Center has. The center is clean, clean, clean. The teachers do what is promised, down on the floor with the babies, reading to them, cleaning all day. My Mom is able to watch from out of state and she tells me how wonderful they are with our baby. Ms. Ky runs a tight ship and we are glad for that!
Infant Parents - TX
Excellent Academics
My husband and I are so happy, our son in the Pre-K three year old program is trying to sound out words from the phonics he has learned. He was instructing us on STOP, that starts with s and s says ssssss. We are so happy with this great foundation he now has. We are excited for him to be promoted to the Pre-K 4 program!
Pre-K Parent - TX
The best of the best
I have to say that KRK Spacecenter is the best of the best. My 8 month old Klayten was the very first baby they had in the infant room when they opened. Every morning when I get him out of his car seat I ask him "do you want to go and see your Teachers?" and he just starts smiling and kicking his legs in excitement. He knows exactly who they are and it feels so good when I drop him off in the mornings that he reaches for them with his arms out and a smile on his face. I know that while I am away at work, he is in the best hands I could possibly place him in other than my own. I also have a 10yr old and he grew up in day care too and I have never seen or heard of a school that is so beautiful, secure, clean, sanitary (they even don`t wear shoes where your child crawls around), and concerned about the well being of each and every child. The staff works with you on anything you need or are concerned about. My son has been so happy and has developed so much while attending this school and I owe it all to the entire outstanding staff at KRK Spacecenter.
Happy Mom - TX
Our First Grader is happy
We have been to so many places looking for after-school care for our First grader and we were so happy to find Kids R Kids. There is a HUGE room just for the school-age children full of toys and games suitable for them. Other places school-age children are just an after thought and stuck in another classroom not designed for them. Here they have a big beautiful and clean place. I`m happy too that I found a place with real buses with CDL drivers not unsafe old vans! My son tells us when he is not happy and he is happy to be here!
After-School Parent - TX
So glad we found this school!
This school is beautiful! We are so glad you built in our community. Everyone is so warm and friendly and we love the academic focus. Our daughter is very happy here.
Parent - TX
Peace of Mind
I have seen and tried other options out there, but KRK Space Center really goes above and beyond in my opinion. Ms. Tammy and Ms. Argeni are very nuturing and give great feedback. My son is all smiles when I drop him off at "school". The curriculum stimulates all senses and you can tell the staff really care about what they are doing--whether it`s reading to the children or getting on the floor with them for tummy time. The internet video is an added bonus--it`s always nice to see your little one while you are stuck at work 20+ miles away. Today I received an email with a pic of my son enjoying time outside--it was a pleasant surprise that really made my day. I highly recommened this facility to any other infant parents out there looking for something more than places that just focus on silence and nap time!
Infant Mom - TX
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